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  • 01.One-Time Clean

    One-Time Cleaning, Home or Office.

    Call us today to schedule a one-time cleaning service for an immediately improved home or office after-experience. Tell us what you need specifically and we assure you we are always listening.

  • 02.Bi-Weekly Clean

    Try our Bi-weekly clean. Times up for more family and friends! 

    Bi-weekly clean or fortnightly clean is suitable for working individuals who are busy with work or are always on the go. Just leave the cleaning job to us, as we are your home keepers and you can count on us.

  • 03.Weekly Sparkle

    Weekly Sparkle is our weekly cleaning roster designed by Home Keepers to bring that cleaned environment back into your life.

    Call us to try our Weekly Sparkle. Tell us when and where are your cleaning needs or what your cleaning wishes are! Home Keepers always strive to bring back that sparkle to your home or office; we hope you will see that it becomes just like brand new.


Welcome to your Home Keepers

You’re the hamster, the nurse, the soccer coach, the chef, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny all rolled into one! You’re mom or dad and you’re not alone! because you are an amazing parent or individual. We are here not only to help but carry out some of your daily cleaning loads. At Home Keepers we strive to play our part in the daily up-keeps of house-hold cleaning or office cleaning in order to free your time so you can work on things which you should be doing already. Imagine having an additional 30 minutes to prepare a meal for your family! or simply more time and energy at night to read to your loved ones? With Home Keepers, we can help you put back at least that 30 minutes or more in to your life. Really and with an added sparkle too.
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